Gum Disease

Prevent tooth loss by practising good oral hygiene

Gum Disease at Pearl Smile Dental Group

Healthy gums support teeth and prevent tooth loss

Gum disease is preventable but affects most people at some stages throughout their lives. By not practicing good oral hygiene habits everyday, gum disease will eventually develop and can lead to the loss of a tooth. Our dentists and hygienists are skilled at detecting early signs of gum disease and our dedicated treatment programmes can help you to reverse the effects.

What is Gum Disease?

Every time we eat and drink, bacteria tends to settle at the base of the tooth along the gum line. If the bacteria is not removed it hardens and begins to build up into a plaque. As more and more bacteria forms, it eats away at the tooth and recedes the gums that support the tooth. The clinical term for this is Gingivitis or commonly know as gum disease.

Gingivitis needs to be treated as soon as possible. If the condition is left to worsen, periodontal disease takeovers and teeth will eventually fall out. There are early signs to help you detect possible signs of gum disease which are swollen or inflamed gums, bleeding gums when you brush or halitosis (bad breath).

Preventing Gum Disease

By making regular appointments with our dental hygienists, we will be able to remove the stubborn plaque and check the health of your gums. We will show you how to maintain and practice good oral hygiene everyday which will help you to keep your gums clean and keep your teeth for as long as possible, and help to prevent gum disease.

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