Oral Surgery

Including the safe surgical extraction of wisdom teeth

Oral Surgery at Pearl Smile Dental Group

Tooth extractions using safe surgical procedures

Our dentists at Pearl Smile Dental Group provide oral surgery treatments such as the safe extraction of wisdom teeth. Oral surgery requires dentists to carry out further training in order to develop the right experience to qualify for performing certain surgical techniques in a safe and correct procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

From time to time patients we see may have suffered from badly decayed teeth, or have experienced a trauma leaving a tooth broken beyond repair and requiring extraction. Occasionally wisdom teeth have to be removed due to impact or causing problems to other teeth such as damage through overcrowding.

Pre and Post-Surgery Care

Before any surgical treatment commences, the patient is given local anaesthetic which involves a small injection into the gum to numb the affected area around the tooth. Some patients suffer from anxiety so our dentists will offer oral sedation through a nasal mask. After treatment patients will experience swelling and bleeding which may last up to 24hrs. Our dentists will recommend taking pain killers to help reduce the pain.

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