White Fillings

Enhance your smile with tooth coloured fillings

White Fillings at Pearl Smile Dental Group

Replace old silver amalgam fillings with white fillings

Now your smile and laughter can simply be enhanced with natural looking white fillings. They are just as strong as metal fillings and last just as long. By booking an appointment with our dentists at Pearl Smile Dental Group we will check the health of your teeth and the conditions of your old fillings. We will then advise you of your best options to protect your teeth whilst also enhancing your smile.

What are amalgam fillings?

Teeth are constantly being affected with bacteria through eating food and drink and are prone to decay. Most people will require a tooth fillings at some stage in their life and in the past old mercury based tooth fillings were used as they provided a solution for long lasting protection. These are popularly known as amalgam or silver fillings.

White Fillings

Unfortunately amalgam fillings are unsightly when laughing but white fillings or tooth coloured fillings can change the appearance immediately. They are available in different shades of white so we can match the natural colour of your teeth leaving you with the confidence to laugh again. Your new white fillings will now be virtually undetectable.

The composite material is claimed to be just as strong as amalgam fillings and does last for many years. If you would like further information about white fillings please contact our friendly reception team at Pearl Smile Dental Group.

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