Important Update 


Dear patient,

We will be resuming urgent care provision as of the 29th June, and will be restricted this to non aerosol generating procedures, and not routine or cosmetic dentistry as yet. Aerosol procedures are those where dentists have to use drills such as fillings, and these present a high risk of transmission of COVID-19  because of splashing particles from the oral cavity, thus we are not able to provide a range of treatments as yet which particularly involve aerosol. We require unlike many other professions a select type of PPE and dental practices have to change the way that they function to make it safe for ourselves and the public. Currently we support providing urgent care only which allows more time for COVID-19 levels to reduce as well as more preparation time to make our practices safer, so we can start seeing higher volumes of patients at a date which we will announce further down the line.

If you think you require urgent care please ring the practice during working hours and you will be advised about the next stage. PLEASE DO NOT RING FOR ROUTINE APPOINTMENTS


  1. Wear a face mask or cloth covering e.g. scarf, handkerchief when you attend, including any child over the age of 8
  2. Attend on your own unless you require a carer. Children must be accompanied by one parent or guardian only.
  3. Use hand gel on entering and leaving the waiting room and surgery
  4. Use contactless CARD payment method or pay over the phone before you arrive
  5. Bring your own pen to sign any paper work, as we will no longer allow sharing of pens
  6. Use the toilet at home before you set off
  7. Undertake a temperature check on entering
  8. Maintain social distancing as far as possible. We are allowing a maximum of 2 patient with face coverings in the waiting room only. You may be asked to wait outside the practice or in your car once you have checked in with the practice. We may ask one seated patient to nip outside while we check in another patient, and then you can swap to the original patient being seated again, and the other to stand outside.  Give way to other persons when entering and leaving the practice. Please remember to bring an umbrella.
  9. observe signage and markings to help you keep your distance
  10. Do not shake any staff members hands 
  11. Keep belongings to a minimum. If you have a hang bag or rucksack please do not place it on the waiting room/ surgery floor. Keep in your laps in the waiting and then we shall provide a valuables box to keep your things aside. Coat door hooks will no longer be used.
  12. If you suffer from hay fever then please take an antihistamine and other medicament as directed by your doctor to reduce sneezing episodes
  13. Do not attend if you have symptoms of coronavirus, have travelled abroad, visited hospital or a care home in the last 14 days or are self shielding or isolating.
  14. Avoid placing your fingers inside your mouth to point to the offending tooth, please try and provide a verbal description of it instead for cross infection reasons
  15. We have set time limit of 15 minutes currently for  patient assessments. Please restrict any questions to the problem you have come in for that day. Additional questions can be directed to your dentist by email or telephone. This will help reduce any patient crowding building up.


We thank you for your continued support and cooperation during such an unprecedented time, and we look forward to seeing you again.


Pearl Smile Dental Team