Broken Teeth

Solutions available if you break a tooth or teeth

Broken teeth at Pearl Smile Dental Group

How we can help you if you break a tooth or teeth

Why would a tooth break?

We are constantly using our teeth all the time and inevitably, they will suffer significant wear and tear after years of use.

We can make sure that we protect our teeth as best as we can with regular brushing. Unfortunately accidents do happen which can result in a broken tooth. Large metal fillings are also know to weaken teeth causing them to break.

What treatment will I receive for my broken tooth?

If it is only slight damage, it is likely that our dentist will simply fill the tooth or use a process called dental bonding. If it is more badly damaged we may well suggest that a crown be fitted to repair the broken tooth.

Protecting your Teeth

If the tooth is not healthy and the breakage was caused by the tooth being weakened through decay, more action may needed. If the tooth was infected and has spread to the pulp of your tooth, it is likely that this will have to removed and then filled using a root canal procedure. Once this has been done, the tooth may be restored with a crown.

So my tooth won’t have to be removed?

This depends on the damage done. Our dentist will do all they can to save a tooth rather than extract it. If the damage is too severe, this may be the only option available. This does not mean that you will have to live with a gap in your teeth for the rest of your life.

Whilst dentures are still an option, many people are now turning to dental implants which involve placing a titanium ‘root’ into the jaw, which then has a crown or bridge attached to it. These offer a much more comfortable and stronger alternative to dentures.

What if the break is only minor?

Even if you feel that the damage to your tooth is minor; we still advise to see our dentist to have it checked. Whilst it may appear minor, there may be cracks which are not visible to the eye but may allow the tooth to become infected.

If your tooth has received a small chip, our dentist may be able to smooth it, making it more comfortable.

My broken tooth hurts now. Will this mean the procedure will be painful?

All procedures will be done using a local anaesthetic which means that you will not feel pain during the procedure. There may be discomfort for a while after the procedure.

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