Dental Bridges

Restore your chipped or broken teeth

Dental Bridges at Pearl Smile Dental Group

Restoring your broken or damaged teeth

What is a Dental Bridge?

dental bridge is similar to a partial denture, the difference is that it is permanently fixed in place. Rather than a full set of replacement teeth, a dental bridge will usually consists of a few teeth only. The bridge is attached to the gap either side of the teeth, creating a permanent replacement.

Often, the teeth supporting the dental bridge are crowned to ensure that they are sufficiently strong to support the new structure. Bridges can also be bonded to your teeth depending on the situation.

Does a Bridge have to attach to my current teeth?

This is the traditional method, but increasingly we recommend that they are attached using dental implants. This not only holds the bridge securely, but avoids having to work on healthy teeth in order to attach them. This way it ensures that your natural teeth remain untouched.

What benefits does a Bridge have?

dental bridge is securely fixed so you will be able to eat with confidence and improve your smile. Having a bridge will help maintaining the natural shape of your face. If teeth are missing, there is nothing for the cheeks to press against which causes the ‘sunken’ look.

It also prevents the remaining teeth from moving out of alignment, which may happen if there are no adjoining teeth to prevent this. Your eating experience will also become more enjoyable.

What happens when a Bridge is fitted?

After an initial consultation, two visits are usually needed. The first is to prepare your teeth and take impressions, while the second is to fit the dental bridge. You may have to visit us to ensure the colour is matched correctly.

How long will a Bridge last?

This depends on the individual as to how long a dental bridge will last. Providing that good care is taken of them and a good oral health regime is followed, a bridge should last at least five years and many people report them lasting between ten and fifteen years.

How do I look after a Bridge?

Once your dental bridge has been fitted, it is important to keep up a good oral health care regime by regular brushing and flossing. By doing this, you should be able to prolong the life of your bridge.

What is a Bridge made from?

There are a variety of materials used for different dental bridges:

  • Porcelain bonded to metal: These are very strong but can show a metal line if your gums recede and look a slightly dull due to metal underneath
  • All ceramic crowns: These are metal free and very strong. As there is no metal to dull the appearance, they look very natural like the rest of your teeth
  • Gold/metal crowns: Are very strong and resilient but will look different to your natural teeth

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