Composite Bonding

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Composite Bonding at Pearl Smile Dental Group

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Composite bonding involves bonding a tooth coloured resin material to existing teeth to reshape them or improve their colour. The material used is the same white material used for fillings.

Composite Bonding is used to repair:
– Decaying Teeth
– Chipped Teeth
– Cracked Teeth
– Discoloured Teeth
– Small gaps in between teeth

Composite Bonding Procedure

Before the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic to the gum tissue surrounding the treatment site of the tooth. The teeth will then be cleaned to ensure that the surface is free from tartar and plaque. You will then help our specialist dentist to choose the shade and colour of your composite, before a gel is applied to the tooth area. The composite is then moulded into shape and cured, before being sculpted and set – to become part of the tooth structure. Teeth are then polished and buffed for a smooth and natural finish.

Full quotation will be provided when attending your consultation.

Composite Bonding & Teeth Whitening

If you plan on having both composite bonding and your teeth whitened, you should have you teeth whitening first. This is because the resin (the composite) will be chosen to match the shade of your teeth.

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