Broken teeth at Pearl Smile Dental Group

How we can help you if you break a tooth or teeth

We are constantly using our teeth all the time and inevitably, they will suffer significant wear and tear after years of use.

We can make sure that we protect our teeth as best as we can with regular brushing. Unfortunately accidents do happen which can result in a broken tooth. Large metal fillings are also know to weaken teeth causing them to break.

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What treatment will I receive for my broken tooth?

If it is only slight damage, it is likely that our dentist will simply fill the tooth or use a process called dental bonding. If it is more badly damaged we may well suggest that a crown be fitted to repair the broken tooth.

Protecting your Teeth

If the tooth is not healthy and the breakage was caused by the tooth being weakened through decay, more action may needed. If the tooth was infected and has spread to the pulp of your tooth, it is likely that this will have to removed and then filled using a root canal procedure. Once this has been done, the tooth may be restored with a crown.

So my tooth won’t have to be removed?
This depends on the damage done. Our dentist will do all they can to save a tooth rather than extract it. If the damage is too severe, this may be the only option available. This does not mean that you will have to live with a gap in your teeth for the rest of your life.

Whilst dentures are still an option, many people are now turning to dental implants which involve placing a titanium ‘root’ into the jaw, which then has a crown or bridge attached to it. These offer a much more comfortable and stronger alternative to dentures.

What if the break is only minor?

Even if you feel that the damage to your tooth is minor; we still advise to see our dentist to have it checked. Whilst it may appear minor, there may be cracks which are not visible to the eye but may allow the tooth to become infected.

If your tooth has received a small chip, our dentist may be able to smooth it, making it more comfortable.

All procedures will be done using a local anaesthetic which means that you will not feel pain during the procedure. There may be discomfort for a while after the procedure.

Dental Finance

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Take it from our patients

Ben Shapiro
Naema is a fantastic hygienist! Went in with periodontal disease and after a frank talk and some really useful practical advice I’m on the road to recovery. Five stars.
Jacqueline Smith
Following my appointment of today with Naima Algwil, I am delighted with the service I have received. I am a nervous patient who has recently suffered with periodontitis, resulting in extremely sensitive gums. With the use of a hand-held mirror, Naima has taken time to explain and demonstrate clearly how to improve my brushing technique. She has also shown me how to use the Tepe brushes effectively. I have applied her recommendations which have made a considerable improvement to the health of my gums in a relatively short space of time. Naima has a very reassuring and professional manner. which I appreciate. I will continue to follow her advice. Thank you Naima!
Kamyab Aberi
I’ve recently had two fillings with Dr Malik and she has been amazing in terms of explaining everything and making me feel comfortable. I can not recommend her and the practice enough!
L Odeh
Our Dentist was very caring of all my children's needs including my 9 month old too. He helped make them feel at ease. Excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Offering the best care to each of them.
Cko Mtnz
I've been attending this practice for many years now, & I stay with the practice as the quality of the dentistry is superb. The work Dr Nilesh Bhavsar has done for me over the years has truly been second to none, he is very precise and displays excellent dexterity. Years ago I was butchered by an emergency dentist elsewhere who did a terrible extraction leaving shards of broken tooth in my gums, following that I registered here - not only did Dr Bhavsar fix that but apart from regular check ups, fillings etc I've had a couple of challenging issues such as a very complex trapped nerve/ root canal - that I'd previously been told I'd need to see a specialist for - & a bridge (with false tooth) to fill a gap. The dentistry has been beyond anything I've received elsewhere in 40+ years & I am deeply impressed and beyond grateful for the skilled care. I never feel rushed and I always get suggestions/ feedback on where I need to brush better or less hard. I also bring my child here to see another dentist and am equally pleased with the care, patience & understanding shown. In recent times the practice has invested in some remodelling, which has opened up the building entrance and reception area and it has made a great improvement. New phone system and some new reception staff are other positives and on my first visit of 2023 I was really impressed with seeing the changes & the overall uplift to the feel of the practice which is now a better reflection of the most important part, the excellent dental care.
Ashley Sasa
The staff at Pearl Smile have always been great, very welcoming and friendly. After my orthodontic treatment I needed a great deal of work on my teeth to get that perfect smile that I’ve always wanted. Dr Nilesh Bhavsar has been one of the best dentists that I’ve ever visited and advised me for the right treatment that I needed. His confidence and expertise really gave me the comfort knowing I was in good hands, he is such a perfectionist in his work. Thank you to all at Pearl Smile, I do have those perfect set of teeth now!!
Alex Heatley
Dr Bhavsar was excellent as always. Can't recommend enough.
Amol Mody
Been with them since a couple of years! Service is top notch. Very good dentists
Dawn Geddes
Just had my first crown fitted. Quick efficient and pain free. Been using this dentist for years and never been disappointed.