Pearl Smile DentalManchester

Our flagship dental practice is Pearl Smile Manchester located at 3 Fog Lane in East Didsbury (formally called fog lane dental practice) and has been providing excellent patient satisfaction and service since the 1920s across Manchester and Didsbury.

3 Fog Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6AX

Pearl Smile DentalBromley Cross

We offer same day emergency appointments to our NHS and independent patients. If you are not registered at the surgery provided you ring as early to 9am as possible the receptionist will do their best to fit you in that day. New patient same day emergency appointments are £75, this covers any pain relief treatment necessary whether it be antibiotic treatment or removal of a nerve.

227 – 229 Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9BS

Pearl Smile DentalDoncaster

Pearl Smile Westwoodside practice is located in Westwoodside, Doncaster which provides dental care to patients in Doncaster and beyond.

7 Newbigg, Westwoodside, Doncaster, DN9 2AT

Pearl Smile DentalOldham

Pearl Smile Oldham is located in Failsworth, North East Manchester and provides dental care to a wide variety of patients in the Greater Manchester and Oldham areas.

293 Oldham Road, Failsworth, Oldham, M35 0AS

Pearl Smile DentalPrestbury

Pearl Smile Prestbury is located in Macclesfield, which provides dental care to patients in Macclesfield and beyond.

Hope Cottage, 5 Macclesfield Rd, Prestbury SK10 4BW