Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Advanced teeth whitening up to 16 shades lighter

Professional Teeth Whitening at Pearl Smile Dentists

Enlighten Advanced Tooth Whitening

Here at Pearl Smile we use the Enlighten® Evolution teeth whitening system.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening is the technology and market leader in teeth whitening. It is the best, deepest and most uniform type of whitening available, and will be used at home by yourself.

We are normally able to achieve 14-16 shades lighter with Enlighten teeth whitening.

Enlighten deep bleaching states that it whitens even the darkest of teeth, giving more reliable and dramatic results than home kits or power bleaching.

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  • Leading advanced teeth whitening system in the world
  • Reliable results (aims to get 16 shades lighter)
  • Whiter teeth guaranteed with a 98% success rate
  • Boost your confidence and look younger
  • Quick and safe to use
  • Minimal sensitivity
  • Teeth Whitening at home

Enlighten Teeth Whitening Procedure

We will first take an impression of your teeth so that custom-made deep bleaching trays can be produced. Following this, each night for 14 consecutive nights, the trays are to be worn in conjunction with a gentle whitening gel.

On day 15, you will visit your Pearl Smile dentist for a final one-hour deep bleaching treatment.

Only dental professionals are regulated to provide tooth whitening, it is illegal for any one else to carry out this procedure.

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*Enlighten Advanced Tooth Whitening prices from £12 per month over 24 months.